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Total Progress To Date
Requested: 10569
Delivered: 10118
Eva G. Simmons Elementary
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Requested: 650
Size: S(550) M(100) L(0)
Delivered: S(570) M(132) L(1)
Special Instruction: "We are a 4 Star Title 1 school in North Las Vegas, NV. We have a very close knit community, and we work together for the good of our students. We would appreciate any amount of masks that can be given. I am the assistant principal and would love to ensure that each of our students are protected in this unprecedented time. Thank you, Jensie Ogiela-Stroh"
White Pine Elementary School
Richmond, Utah
Requested: 407
Size: S(246) M(161) L(0)
Delivered: S(227) M(161) L(10)
Special Instruction: rural elementary school with a special education preschool and a life skills unit for students with severe disabilities
Forest City Regional Elementary
Forest City, Pennsylvania
Requested: 400
Size: S(300) M(100) L(0)
Delivered: S(207) M(217) L(0)
Special Instruction:
Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Requested: 160
Size: S(0) M(160) L(0)
Delivered: S(24) M(169) L(0)
Special Instruction:
Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School-Altoona
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Requested: 164
Size: S(140) M(24) L(0)
Delivered: S(141) M(24) L(0)
Special Instruction:
Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Requested: 550
Size: S(0) M(275) L(275)
Delivered: S(0) M(154) L(275)
Special Instruction:
Irving Elementary School – McAuliffe Heights
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Requested: 200
Size: S(50) M(150) L(0)
Delivered: S(52) M(130) L(0)
Special Instruction:
Juniata Gap Elementary
Atloona, Pennsylvania
Requested: 200
Size: S(50) M(150) L(0)
Delivered: S(90) M(50) L(0)
Special Instruction: No special instructions
Tyrone Area School District
Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Requested: 2182
Size: S(750) M(1407) L(25)
Delivered: S(824) M(1503) L(50)
Special Instruction: "If possible, solid colors are preferred. Prints that may be considered obscene, offensive, inappropriate, or that advertise or promote the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or racially insensitive materials would be prohibited."
Altoona Area Junior High School
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Requested: 200
Size: S(0) M(200) L(0)
Delivered: S(0) M(200) L(0)
Special Instruction: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
E A Cox Middle School
Columbia, Tennessee
Requested: 500
Size: S(0) M(300) L(200)
Delivered: S(0) M(220) L(200)
Special Instruction: We are a school of 79% free and reduced lunch and approximately 65% African american, 10% Hispanic students in a small rural southern town with limited resources. Many of our teachers and even district staff have many concerns about going back to school, however, our county refuses a mask requirement. We are trying to make wearing a mask at school be the norm, on a volunteer basis that we are required to be at.... and would love to have plenty available at school so that our children with families who do not feel that masks are important are able to get a mask with no judgement. Thank you so much for your consideration. Very grateful!
Middlesex Elementary
Baltimore, Maryland
Requested: 550
Size: S(350) M(200) L(0)